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Overview of Session 5

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❏  Read Your abilities to help you succeed of the book 'Meditation for Transformation'

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❏  Read Opening up to get connected of the book 'Meditation for Transformation'

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Your abilities to help you succeed

meditation study

Time: 15 minutes

Opening up to get connected

meditation study


Time: 15 minutes

Meditation #1

meditation buddha

If focusing your mind is difficult for you this meditation will help you to start learning to harness this focusing capacity of your mind.

15 minutes

Meditation #2

meditation buddha

An awareness scan meditation with Rose. This is a great meditation to help you gain more awareness about your self, and become present.

15 min

Meditation #3

meditation buddha

A meditation with Ian using our breath to focus. A great meditation to start your day with a reminder that your breath can be your best friend to help you focus.

29 min

Your abilities to help you succeed


  • In spiritual life, in the search for truth, desire is everything.
  • Start your meditation with a focus on the deepest part of your heart and ask yourself: “What is my reason to go within right now?”
  • The reason you want to meditate is like the root of a tree, in that it serves as the deeper place from which all your endeavor and advancement stems.
  • Spiritual desire is an actual feeling within that is accessible at any moment during meditation or at any other time.
  • The more in touch you are with your spiritual desire, the easier it is to trust the inner pull when you are in meditation, and the more you will gain from your meditation.
  • Desire to have more desire and it will come.


Schedule a fifteen minute meditation for yourself.
You can play some soft instrumental music if you like. Start your meditation by dropping your attention to the deepest part of your heart.
Ask yourself :

  • What is the reason for me to meditate right now?
  • When you identify it, write it down. You may find more than one reason.
  • For the remainder of the meditation, sit with your eyes closed and focus your attention on the feeling of this desire which you wrote down.
  • Trust where this takes you.

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Opening up to get connected


  • Meditation is more than one’s beliefs and concepts of what it is.
  • Be open to finding and discovering anything as you go within.
  • The more skills you have that help you to go within, the more you are likely to benefit from any practice you undertake, and the less likely that you will be blocked by a rigid or limited idea of what your meditation practice should be.
  • As you go within toward Oneness, do not seek only one thing. Be more open to finding all manner of assistance when you do your practice, and you will discover more.


Journal & contemplate the following.

  • How do you approach meditation?
  • What are you looking for when you go within?
  • Reading the story of the shells and the disciple. What concepts do they reveal that you have or had about meditation?
  • Write down five areas or questions upon which you would like to gain further clarity, that you could take into your next meditation.