Meditation Teacher Training

In the meditation teacher training you will learn how to share, inspire and instruct others on the ways of going within!

The school for meditation offers a highly interactive and personalized course that helps you deepen your own meditation practice and learning how to instruct others in meditation. If the training is completed satisfactory then a meditation teacher certification is given.

The meditation training is suitable for anyone who is passionate about meditation. It is of great benefit to psychologists, counselors, teachers, hypnotherapists, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, social workers, massage therapists, group facilitators, team leaders and for people who want to guide their family or friends through meditation.

The Meditation Instructor Training, M.T.TTM, is an exciting and unique program.

The program is highly individualized to your own needs and ability.

The training is done as a home-study course under the direction and guidance of the training author and instructor Dr. Rose Tol in partnership with Ian Tolmay. You will also be in contact with fellow students around the world.

The meditation teacher training is designed to give you the tools and resources you will need to be a competent and effective meditation teacher, helping both yourself and others down the path of deepening the practice of meditation.

The M.T.TTM curriculum includes personal teaching sessions, meditations, reading, written assignments, interactive study and practice forums, practice journal assignments as well as a final certification assignment.

The M.T.TTM graduate is expected to develop and/or deepen a solid working foundation of:

  • own personal meditation practice
  • techniques and abilities of going within
  • creating an environment conducive for going within
  • working with groups and responding to questions
  • different instruction formats
  • ability to speak/write about meditation from own self realization
  • ability to inspire and guide someone through obstacles in meditation
  • concepts and beliefs of body and mind

What we will cover in the meditation teacher training?

The Foundation

  • Exploration of what meditation is and the history of meditation
  • Theories and Science of meditation
  • Exploration of some of the main meditation practices and techniques that are offered in the world
  • Learn about the benefits and effects of meditation

The Practice Basics

  • How to create a conducive environment
  • How to best prepare oneself for meditation
  • How do you go within? Learning and self realizing the many abilities of going within.
  • How to deal with distractions?
  • How to deal with obstacles/
  • How to go deeper?
  • Dealing with resistance in meditation

Then we go further

  • Meditation in Daily life
  • Meditation to open up to God, or however you name the All that Is
  • Meditative thinking
  • Ego or True Self?
  • Practice of Humility
  • True essence of Prayer

Instruction tools

  • Principles of Teaching Meditation
  • Developing your own teaching style
  • Tools and resources to support you
  • Planning your meditation classes and courses
  • Communicating to your students and group leadership skills
  • Promoting your meditation instruction services

Training Fee and registration Fee

  • To register for the training you will pay a 50Euro registration fee. This is to show your commitment and we can start to prepare to create your personalized curriculum at our first Skype Training Call together. This fee is non refundable.
  • Once you are ready to start your training then you pay 75Euro/month for the duration of your training.

You can cancel your training at any time. No cancellation fees required. We do appreciate a conversation before you decide to stop as we are putting all of ourselves into this course for you also!

Yes I am ready to start my Meditation Teacher Training!

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