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Do you want to meditate regularly but feel so challenged to make the time?

Do you feel there is more to get out of your meditations?

Do you want to live a spiritual life and meditate?

When we stop growing we die!

This is a spiritual truth we cannot get around and is so important to understand. Everything in the universe is either growing or dying. So that means even when we feel alright, but are on a plateau, meaning we are not growing  - it means we are dying.

The solution:

  • Meditate on a regular basis.
  • Surround yourself with like minded people that pull you up, that challenge you and inspire you.
  • Read spiritual and personal growth books, articles.
  • Listen to talks from masters in their field.
  • Join the myZenSpace community

What is myZenSpace?

My ZenSpace is created for you to succeed with your meditations and carry that space of meditation into your daily life.

Every week you will receive:

  • 1 guided morning meditation
  • 1 guided evening meditation
  • a talk
  • a quote

The guided meditations, the talk and the quote are connected to each other; to a weekly focus.

This way your meditation practice and your spiritual life can be supported and inspired in harmony.

It will be SIMPLE and POWERFUL:


3 myZenspace subscriptions

meditation membership bronze

Weekly you will receive:

1 Morning meditation

1 Evening meditation

1 Zen talk

1 Quote


meditation membership silver

Weekly you will receive:

1 Morning meditation

1 Evening meditation

1 Zen talk

1 Quote

1 Meditation to transform


meditation membership gold

Weekly you will receive:

1 Morning meditation

1 Evening meditation

1 Zen talk

1 Quote

1 Meditation to transform

1 Meditation for freedom

1 30min. coaching call/month


The myZenspace meditations:

The way you start your day and complete your day are the moments in your day that can have such an impact on the quality of your life. The morning and evening meditations are about 15-30 minutes of length. These meditations are in harmony with the focus/topic of the week. The morning meditations set you up for a connected and powerful start of your day. The evening meditations support you to complete your day and set you up for your sleep.

For the Silver & Gold membership you also receive a 1-hour 'meditation to transform', taking you deeper into the focus of the week. A great way to take the focus of the week deeper and allow yourself to transform.

For the Gold members we add a 'meditation for freedom' where you can dive deep into yourself. It is about movement, and taking yourself to the next level within you. These meditations are about 2-3 hours long.

Obtain spiritual health; meditation raises your vibration and supports with intuitive development & raising your consciousness.

The myZenspace talks:

They will vary in length, anywhere from 5-30 minutes. The speaking will be direct to the point, covering the focus of the week. These talks are meant to inspire you, invoke new thoughts, invite you to look deeper into important matters of the heart and soul. Topics covered in these talks/weeks are: Relationships, meditation, emotions, letting go, forgiveness, mindfulness, goals, fear, judgements just to name a few.

The coaching call

As a Gold member you will receive a 30 minutes coaching call each month to keep you focused. Every human being has blind spots and we are here to help you see that and stay on track. It is a private 1 on 1 session, your monthly 30 minute Zen time. You can choose if you like that call with Ian or Rose.

You can cancel your myZenspace subscription at any time!


What people say about myZenspace


" MyZenSpace meditations and talk for the week are the anchor for my days. I won't start and finish my day without it! " Annika, Germany


" I have been looking for a long time to find something more then just meditation. This is it for me. I grow and change while my meditations are going so much deeper. I am deeply grateful Mary, United Kingdom


" Ian & Rose are true beacons, showing us how to live with desire to make the world a better place; and it shows in every meditation and talk we are sent. I cannot wait to listen to my next weeks MyZenSpace gifts ! "
Jill W., Germany


" Ian and Rose are very grounded and experienced spiritual Guides. You will find that they can lead you with care , respect and professionalism. " Michael E., Holland

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