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Curriculum for the meditation course


Week 1

Lesson 1

An introduction to meditation and how to get the most out of this course and your meditation practice. We start the meditation practice with learning to focus.

Lesson 2

How to approach meditation. Contemplating the way you approach meditation can reveal many things about yourself and what it is you want from your practice.

Lesson 3

Creating a sustainable practice. If you want to succeed in meditating and desire to create a practice that sustains you every day, committing to your practice is your priority.

Week 2

Lesson 1

How to prepare for meditation.  Preparing for meditation can help you to unwind, clear out your mind and open up your body for a deeper meditation experience.

Lesson 2

The sleep-time meditation. There is so much that can happen for you while you sleep, and it hinges strongly upon the state that you fall asleep in.

Week 3

Lesson 1

Desire is everything.  Spiritual desire is to meditation what the sun is to human life, we need the sun to keep our life forces going, and we need spiritual desire to sustain our focus and endeavors in each moment of meditation.

Lesson 2

Meditation and music.  Music and chanting have been part of meditation and spiritual practices for a very long time. We will explore the benefits and distractions of music.

Week 4

Lesson 1

Calming the mind.  One of the most challenging aspects of meditation is dealing with our mind and learning to become calm of mind. Let's get to the truth about our thoughts and the mind in meditation.

Lesson 2

Beginners mind & prayerful mind.  Everyone can improve their meditation practice greatly, no matter what stage of learning meditation they are at, by capturing one of two states of mind.

Week 5

Lesson 1

Your abilities will help you succeed.  It is important to contemplate, reflect and meditate on your ability to meditate. There is also an important link to recognise between your abilities to live your life and your abilities to go within and find the answers that you are looking for.

Lesson 2

Meditation to Transform Yourself. To help us understand meditation as the powerful transformational tool that it is, I need to first explain more about the nervous system.

Week 6

Lesson 1

How to deal with feelings and emotions.  When you meditate and dip into the subconscious, you can start to experience many of these emotions that are hiding below the surface.

Lesson 2

Final teachings.  As many people there are, as many perspectives. You always have to stay open to the more that’s available to us always.

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