Teaching Meditation

teaching meditation

Meditation is on the wave upwards to become main stream, just like yoga somehow appeared out of nowhere. When you share with someone on the street that you teach meditation people's reaction is mostly positive and inquisitive. Teaching meditation is respected, desired and in fashion.

Schools, nurses, businesses, boardrooms, non-profits are just a few of the sectors in our society that are opening the doors for learning to meditate.  It helps people think more clearly and creatively, to be more productive and work more colaboratively. They know meditation provide a profound level of relaxation and quietness of mind, far greater then a good night sleep.

While teaching meditation you help people free themselves of:

  • stress
  • fear & anxiety
  • relationships problems
  • health issues
  • habits and thoughts that do not serve them

You also help people cultivate abilities that hugely improve the quality of life like:

  • openhearted & compassion
  • think clearly and solve problems
  • calm & equiposed & objectively
  • diminishing of ego stuff

You can build yourself a meditation center or just use your gift to share with friends and family. Or maybe you are a teacher or health practicioner and like to integrate it into your work.

Teaching meditation is such a satisfying was to support people, give of yourself and make a difference in this world, one meditation at a time.

Certified Meditation Instructor Training

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