Learn how to do meditation

how to do meditation

In order to learn how to do meditation, you do not need any qualifications. All you need is your desire to want to learn meditation and be open to discover your own unique way of learning to go within and explore your inner world.

Simplicity is the way. You want to learn how to meditate from the ground up.

In learning how to do meditation we will explore:

If you are just starting your journey in meditation make sure you also read the advice giving in the section: Meditation for beginners.

start meditation

The power of preparing yourself

The best way to start your meditation powerfully  is to give some thought in preparing yourself for the meditation.

Preparing yourself for meditation is easy to do and can help you make your meditations easier and certainly help you go deeper.

Preparing to meditate can help you to unwind  and clear out your body and mind for deep meditation.

You can ask any tradesman about the difference between a well prepared job and a job poorly prepared. The costs of a poorly prepared job can be very high; you did not bring the right tools, you got the wrong product, you forget essential steps in the job. This costs time, creates lots of negative emotions like frustration and anger and the results can end up less then desirable.

The same is true for your meditation practice. Preparing yourself for meditation can help you with a powerful start, less mind activity, a more focused mind and heart and thus you will be able to go deeper and further so much faster and reach places inside that you might not otherwise have been able to access.

Now this is a generalization. You do not need to prepare for meditation. You can meditate any time, any place if you like. For instance you could be walking on the beach and just sit down for a few minutes and find yourself going within.

Important is to familiarize yourself on how to prepare yourself for meditation, then if you have the time to prepare yourself you can tap into to power of a well prepared meditation.

Read the  7 steps to Best Prepare Yourself For Meditation for some great ideas.

meditation obstacles

Be prepared to face your obstacles

It is very common when we are starting to learn how to do meditation, for all kinds of obstacles to come in our way.

For instance we might sit down and go within and our mind just goes crazy with thoughts we cannot seem to control.

Or out of nowhere unwanted feelings come to surface, we feel restless and irritated or maybe we are fighting feelings of hunger or wanting to go sleep instead. Then, one of the most frequent ways of thinking grasps a hold of our mind:

Judgements, Negativity of Discouragement

We start to wonder if what we are doing is correct. We doubt if meditation is for us and are asking ourselves if all this effort is worth the benefits.

Not knowing how to deal with these kind of obstacles that are coming our way, we fail to follow through and practice meditation on a regular basis. We start and stop and before we know it we have put practicing meditation on hold.

There are some basic points and a self awareness exercise  we can offer you to help you learn how to overcome these obstacles and guide you to the heart of the matter on how to hold your focus in meditation.

Learning how to deal with the obstacles right from the start when learn how to do meditation is crucial as it keeps you on a learning curve where you are experiencing the benefits and changes from your practice and are motivated to practice on a regular basis. Practicing on a regular basis is the secret to learning meditation.

In our culture there are also common misconceptions and myths on how to do meditation going around. It is important to be familiar with these in order to not have them stop us from succeeding in our practice. You can read more about these misconceptions in the 10 Myths about Meditation.

Meditation for beginners

The importance of association

One of the greatest challenges when we learn how to do meditation, is to start. And then once you have started, the challenge is to keep up the practice. Your most important key to succeed with meditation is to practice it regularly. Your learning curve will be so much faster.

Once you are practicing it regularly you will have succeeded in creating a sustaining practice. Meditation at this point becomes so enjoyable that you do not want to live without doing it every day.

A most powerful way to ensure you keep up a regular practice is to seek out and associate with people that have the passion for meditation that you are striving for. See if you can find a community of friends close to your home that have the desire to meditate regularly.

If there is no existing group near to you, but you know of some friends, then invite them to your house and start meditating together. You will be surprised who will say yes to the invitation.

The School for Meditation offers a program specifically teaching meditation for beginners in the comforts of your own home. Just invite some friends and learn how to meditate together.

best meditation technique

Which meditation technique is the best?

"How to do meditation?", is the most frequent asked question we hear in the School for Meditation. Our answer is clear and simple.

It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you do it!

There are thousands of different meditation techniques out there, all, no doubt, giving the sincere meditator great results. The danger is when we stick to a particular technique and fail to be open for other ways of going within.

The world of going within is so immense, so deep, so ever expanding that it would be a great dis-service to limit ourselves to only way of going within.

The School for Meditation guides you to explore, uncover and apply the many skills and abilities you have that will help you to go within at any one moment in your meditation work.

The more skills you have that help you to go within, the more you are likely to benefit from any practice, and the less likely you will be blocked by a rigid idea of what our practice should be limited to. We embrace this open minded and all inclusive approach.

It is important though to be clear about what you want to achieve with your meditation practice. The many different practices that are being taught offer different outcomes and results, from simple relaxation to breaking the cycle of birth and death. So when you check out the different meditations being offered, ask yourself "what do I hope to achieve - gain from my meditation practice" and "will this meditation deliver?"

I covered a few meditation techniques that I have practiced and are well known.

sustain meditation practice

Regular practice is the key to success

When you start to learn how to do meditation, practicing on a regular basis is your best guarantee for you to succeed. Then once you are an experienced meditator, a regular practice will keep enriching your life with the benefits you receive from your meditation practice.

In order to really start experiencing the benefits from meditation you need to reach a certain depth inside. It is from this depth, this place of peace and stillness,  that everything starts to happen for you in meditation and it is when you take this depth, this place of peace and stillness into your daily life the benefits will really start to show up for you. If you start your practice with a commitment to do it on a regular basis, you will have increased your chances to succeed.

When beginning meditation people often find that they need some kind of meditation course or meditation retreat to really 'break through' and find this depth and discover what meditation can offer.

Once you know how to get to this depth inside of you, you can keep going there, over and over again. And the more you meditate, the deeper you go, the easier it becomes to practice on a regular basis. You then even come to the point where you cannot live one more day without meditating. You start to experience what Osho once said about meditation:

"No meditation...no life

know meditation - know life"

If you are interested in a meditation retreat the School for Meditation offers many different highly personalized retreats to your needs as a meditator.

learn how to meditate

Learn how to do meditation online

When you want to learn how to do meditation our recommendation is to commit yourself to do a meditation course or emerge yourself for several days in a meditation retreat. You will receive much of the help and instructions you need to overcome the many obstacles that might come your way.

You can ask your questions and be connected to others that meditate. Association is so important.

Being in conversation with others about your meditations, can open your mind to new perspectives, new ways of going within and inspire you to stay with the practice and not give up.

At the School for Meditation we have an online community of meditators that share their experiences with each other and inspire and support each other in so many different ways. An invaluable support.

If you like we offer a 6-week meditation course that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

The School for Meditation

Our Approach

The way the school teaches going within and approaches how to learn to meditate is open-minded and multifaceted. Rather than teaching you a technique from a particular belief or teaching, we focus on:

  • teaching the mechanics and science of going within
  • exploring the abilities and skills to succeed in meditation
  • extensive personalized help on how to deal with the challenges that block us

You see in one sense it really does not matter how you do it.

As long as you do it!

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