Spiritual healing meditation

spiritual healing meditation

A spiritual healing meditation should not be underestimated and can heal the body, the mind as well the soul in a way nothing else can.

Spiritual healing happens when we are ready, open, receptive and above all when we believe in the possibility. That is why meditation is the most excellent place and time for spiritual healing.

The Essence of a spiritual healing meditation

The essence of spiritual healing is that true healing can only happen through the light, love and power of God, the Source...the All Mighty or however you like to refer to the "All that Is".

This type of healing is available to us all...and what it takes is:

to let go & let God

Well this sounds easy, doesn't it? So why isn't it happening as a daily occurrence everywhere?

Obstacles to allow spiritual healing to happen

  1. Concepts & Beliefs. False concepts and beliefs of what and who God is and how spiritual healing is going to happen are often the main obstacles in the way! They can also be the trickiest to identify.
  2. Not being ready. Sometimes we are not ready to let the light in. What ever holds us in pain and suffering, whatever dark feeling or energy, we falsely believe that it is part of us. That it is our friend and we need it to protect ourselves. It is important to recognize that this is illusion. Recognizing it can have one be ready instantly.
  3. Lack of trust. We have lack of trust in God, the Source of everything. Maybe that He even exists or that He will will not have the power to heal us.
  4. Unworthiness. "Yes, God will heal others but not me". Somehow we believe something about ourselves that makes us not feel worthy to have the love and light heal us. It might be something we have done, or we are bad in someway. 
  5. Not recognizing the moment. Often spiritual healing happens in a way that we are offered a window. A window of time and opportunity. This window will not stay open for a long time. Once the window opens, it is our job to jump through it. So it is important to learn when these windows show up in our lives and in meditation.
  6. Waiting for the future. So many of us are fooled that we will grow old, or at least live another day. The reality is that you can die at any moment. At any moment this life can end. Where does that leave us? Depressed?...no, opposite is true. It leaves us alive with a desire to live to our fullest, every day that we have been given. We start to realize "NOW" is all we have got. So expect spiritual healing to happen now, as if there is no tomorrow.
  7. Resistance or refusal to let go. Spiritual healing goes hand in hand with letting go. That is our part to do. When we do our part; recognizing it and letting it go, then God will do the rest. It is that simple. Yet sometimes the process of letting go is more difficult then we think due to resistance and fear. 

Let go and let God
As children bring their broken toys
With tears for us to mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God,
Because He was my friend.
But then, instead of leaving Him
In peace, to work alone,
I hung around and tried to help,
With ways that were my own.
At last, I snatched them back and cried,
“How can you be so slow?”
“My child,” He said,
“What could I do?
You never did let go.”

Components of a spiritual healing meditation

So how do you practice a spiritual healing meditation? You have to find your own way; trusting your own inner longing will guide you along the way. Here are some components that create the space and possibility for spiritual healing to happen.

  1. Prayer. (non-religious) 
  2. Longing.
  3. Opening up.
  4. Ask specific questions
  5. Invite God.


Prayer is often a controversial topic in spiritual life because of its identification with religious dogma. Often it has been done as an empty ritual. It’s associated with rote worship, ignorance, and the misconception that to pray means that one is “less than.”

Despite this negative association, true, deep, sincere, and heartfelt prayer is one of the most powerful and moving spiritual endeavors a person can do in a spiritual healing meditation. Sometimes it is less of a discipline and more of a pleasure.

The thing is, if you are going to pray in meditation, do so because it comes from your heart, not because you think you have to; and not the prayers you may have been taught, but to which you feel little or no connection. Your prayer may be of a religious nature or it may not; it may have words or it may not; whatever it is, make your prayer authentic. Make your prayers real and appropriate to your day and what you are facing and feeling at the time of your meditation. Sometimes your prayers will be very specific, sometimes very general.   

Most people have experienced a very natural form of prayer during times in which they’ve felt the most anguish — times in which people have felt extreme anxiety or torment about something. This kind of situation is actually a very real and natural form of prayer. Certainly it is not the prayer of religions, but it is actually a time in life when we feel deeply about something, and when we have an openness and an intense desire to receive help. These are things that are at the core of true prayer. The vulnerability and openness that often come during times of anguish help us receive some kind of insight, comfort, or clarity that helps relieve our torment and anxiety.

"Prayer is really asking for the truth. You sit there and you do not understand where to go, what to do. Fill your mind with prayer: “Show me the way. Show me the light. Show me how I can find the truth that I know is there”. What is this Love of God? What is this experience that saints and sages throughout the ages have spoken? How is it that a man sits alone on a mountaintop for years in stages of ecstasy, feeling such incredible love and bliss, yet no one is around? What is it that he is touching? What is it that he is seeing? What is it that he is hearing? What is it that he is experiencing? It is nothing that you can see with these eyes and ears, and your mind and your senses. It is love. But it is unlike any love you have known on this plane. It is a love that satisfies all desires. It is truth. But it is not just some knowledge. It is a knowing which satisfies all hunger and thirst for knowledge.".


"Everyone is feeling this emptiness in his or her heart — this tug, this pull, this longing for completion, this feeling that something is missing. Something is just missing; no matter how good it gets, there still is something that is missing. And that longing — especially when you are by yourself, or at night when you are going to sleep, or in the morning when you wake up, you feel this place in your heart that longs — just longs to be fulfilled. And that longing is for the Love, is for the connection: that eternal connection that you know is supposed to be there, but you don't know what it is. You don't know how to find it, and you don't know where it is.”

Trust the deepest desire in your heart. Trust your spiritual longing. It is the very force that guides within and shows you where you need to go, what there is to feel, heal and let go of. Being in touch with this longing is at the core of spiritual healing mediation.

Opening Up

It is through opening up that you can get in touch with your deeper prayers. It is these deeper prayers that pull like a magnet the healing light, power and love of God.

“Sometimes you have to get a great deal of emotional charge that you are feeling out of your body. But you are not going to be able to get rid of all of it. It is not that you release until you are just fine and there is no more emotional charge. It is more like you release the excessive amount of emotion that has you controlled. You want to calm yourself as much as you possibly can. If emotions are heightened or deadened, you need to become more open; otherwise you can’t truly become calm to receive information.”  

Sometimes you need to release the excess emotional charge that builds up throughout your days, or the torment and frustration you feel about anything. You often have to release the more surface types of emotional charge that are inside of you in order to access the deeper, truer parts of yourself.

Once you feel the deeper part of yourself, and you are meditating more often and with more desire, you may come across a prayerful state where you feel tears. The type of emotion that brings those kinds of tears have to do with prayer and feelings that you have for God. That is a different type of emotional release than the surface charged emotions. There is a very distinct difference. At this deeper level, it actually starts to become more of a spiritual emotion you could say. 

Ask specific questions

Invite God

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