to transform yourself!

meditation to transform yourself


If you have landed in this small haven on the internet,

you're probably someone who is on a path of spiritual growth,

whether you consciously know it or not.

You care about feeling connected and know you are here for something bigger than yourself.

We are so glad you are here.

meditation book cover

Ready for your meditation practice to support profound inner transformation?

This book takes meditation out of 'the box'!

As there are over 7 Billion people in the world, so there are 7 billion ways of going within. No one technique or practice is superior to another.

What the meditation community says about this book:

  • If you are serious about meditation, this book is a MUST!
  • Excellent non-dogmatic, master teachings to attain mastery in meditation.

Why meditate & transform with us?


35+ years of experience

Learn and practice as you receive individualized and quality support from master teachers.


Learn many ways

Discover all aspects of meditation - not just one technique. Find ways of going within that suit you.


Be true to yourself

Honor your spiritual Self, establish your connection to Source - free from dogma or belief


Overview of our offerings


Meditation Essentials


in person

In person

meditation course logo

14-day Introduction Course

a simple yet profound journey into uncovering and strengthening your own skills and abilities so you can succeed in your meditations


One-to-one Coaching sessions

book a session with one of our coaches if you have questions, like to go deeper or want support to get through an obstacle


6-week Foundation Course

a transformative journey to create a powerful, consistent and effective meditation practice for your self


6-week Foundation Course +++

receive personal guidance during this transformative journey from one of our seasoned meditation coaches

To participate in level 2 you need to have completed the 6-week Foundation Course


Meditation Mastery


in person

In person


21-day Meditation Journey

This meditation journey is a great way to experience our guided meditations. They are rich in content and cover the different ways to meditate.


8-week Emotions Mastery Course

Receive weekly a master teaching talk with 3 guided meditations to inspire and nurture your meditation practice and empower you on your  path.


Transformational meditation retreat in Spain

A transformational journey learning and practicing the many elements of meditation and living a spiritual life with Ian and Rose, the master teachers.


My ZenSpace

Receive weekly a master teaching talk with three guided meditations to inspire and nurture your meditation practice and empower you on your  path.


The Ego Program

A 3 months journey to deeper understanding of your ego, why it is there in the first place and how to be free from its binding nature.


M4T Immersion Retreat

Immerse yourself in meditation for 6 days; practice many different ways to going within and reach profound levels of depth and connection.


3-day Online meditation retreat

Take yourself and your practice to the next level by 3 days of meditation and transforming yourself with an online group LIVE  from where ever you are.

To participate in level 3 you need to have completed the 8-week Emotions Mastery Course


Transform yourself - Help others


in person

In person


1-year Transformational Coaching Training

This 1-year transformational journey will transform you deeply whilst learning and practicing the skills necessary to create a space for safe transformation for others.


Meditation Teacher Training

The meditation teacher training is designed to give you the tools and resources you will need to be a competent and effective meditation teacher, helping both yourself and others down the path of deepening the practice of meditation.

To participate in level 4 is by invitation only


Transforming to Break Free

Information will be coming soon!


Learn Meditation

Learn to build your meditation, effectively and powerfully,  from the ground up. You can join us Online or in-person, no previous experience needed.

I want to learn meditation!
ways to meditate

Master Meditation

Be personally guided by master teachers and take your practice to a depth where there is no more doubt of who you are and why you are here.

I want to meditate with you!
meditation teacher training

Teach Meditation

Become a meditation teacher. Make a difference and share your passion for meditation by guiding others within. It is also a way to master meditation for yourself.

I want to teach meditation!

Like to do a meditation journey together!

meditation journey

Community Event - Online

Every first Monday of the month, we start a 21-day Meditation Journey together.

Feel connected with a small community of fellow meditators as you go on your own meditation journey. Be inspired by each other with hands-on support from your meditation coach.

Tell me more!

Barbara from Holland just finished her 21-day Meditation Journey!

"This Meditation Journey took me from the surface and being unaware to a deeper level inside me where I can feel  peace and joy again. This is much more then meditation . This journey cultivates awareness and a way to awaken. The price is very good. Yes, this is an awesome journey, not just some meditations, but a higher plan behind it."

meditation for beginners

Want to gain a lot of ground with meditation fast?

Come meditate with us!
in Andalusia, Spain

"It is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely and look at them anew. You would let fresh air into your heart, mind & body"

The perfect choice if

  • you want to learn meditation and be able to sustain a daily practice
  • you like to go deeper in your meditations
  • you desire to gain more spiritual ground
  • you wish to get to the root of certain issues or areas of your life

Days of movement combined with personal guidance is priceless.

Tell me more about your retreats!
secret garden retreats
pool at secret garden retreats
luxury accommodations at secret garden retreats
online guided meditations

Rijkie from Germany shares about her retreats!

Although spiritual transformation is a very personal journey, it is essential to receive the right guidance. Rose and Ian, with your experience, tenderness and sensitivity to each participant's needs, it was easy for me to find enough trust to open up and be willing to delve into my depths. This was one of several retreats I have been privileged to do with you and I thank you for keeping me safe in your care during the retreat and in your hearts beyond that. You are my safe haven and I wish it upon all others that do a retreat with you to be as lucky to experience it as well. Lots of Love, Rijkie



meditation membership

Meditate and carry that space of meditation into your daily life.

Many people ask me on how they can have this space that they touch into in meditation, flow over into their life. There are some key elements that need to be in place for this to happen.

MyZenSpace is a weekly gift that will help you do exactly that.

Subscribe to receive weekly guided meditations, talks and quotes to create a harmonious and zen like feel to your inner work and your life.

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