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All the tools and resources for the meditation teacher found in this section are born out of 20+ years of teaching meditation and helping people to overcome the obstacles of going within. Many of the tools are also born out of the desire of many people to go deeper in meditation.

Please use your own awareness of when and how to apply the tools and resources shared here.

If you have something you would like to share with this community of meditation teacher please feel free to fill out the form on the bottom. THANK YOU!

Meditation Teacher Checklist

It is important to keep your self in check and have awareness of how you are feeling and what you are thinking when you facilitate a meditations. The following meditation facilitator checklist is offered by the MITTM course. It is a good list of pointers that helps us to find the right consciousness when guiding people within.

See Meditation Facilitator Checklist.pdf

Introduction points for Meditation

When I facilitate a meditation I have a list with points on areas I like to cover, if accurate, at the beginning of meditation. The better set up a meditation is, the deeper and further people can go in meditation and the less problems you will encounter.

See Introduction Points for Facilitators.pdf

Completion points for Meditation

I also have a list of points on areas I cover when I complete a meditation. Again of course I only use them if relevant. It helps me a lot when I am so deep myself at the end of a meditation. I gratefully then check the list; giving the people an opportunity to feel completed and feeling good about the work they have done.

See Completion Points Facilitators.pdf

Topics for Meditation

Preparing yourself and preparing materials for facilitating a meditation is time well spend. From my own experience, the more I prepare the more well-prepared I feel and am for facilitating a meditation; this results in being able to guide meditations for myself and others that go way beyond the expectations of anyone. Consider your time to prepare as a prayer.

See Topics for Meditation.pdf

Desire is Everything - A meditation topic

Here is an example of how I prepared myself on the quality of desire as a topic for one of my meditation classes. I love this topic and come back to this preparation overview over and over again. It seems like we can not get enough understanding and depth about this so important subject of desire.

See Desire is Everything - A meditation topic.pdf

Do you have a great tool or resource to share with fellow meditation instructors?

I invite you to write about your most favorite or powerful tool and I will include it as a page on this forum for all meditation facilitators to enjoy.