Meditation Tips & Facts

meditation tips

We wrote these meditation tips and facts for you to satisfy the curiosity and the many questions you might have regarding meditation.

Do you want to know about the history of the ancient practice? Do you want to find out more on the benefits of meditation? Or are you interested on how to enhance your current meditation practice? Maybe you want to open your mind to other meditation methods?

Please see the topics of the articles below.

If one of your questions isn't answered please ask us your question in The Meditation Corner.

The 10 Myths About Meditation

What is the truth about meditation? Does it really work? Can I benefit from it? There are so many myths about meditation and misconceptions even though meditation has landed in the mainstream now for over 50 years.

The many misconceptions can mislead us or even prevent people from even starting. In this article we hope to bust some myths and misconceptions so you can enjoy learning meditation and find ways to further your practice.   read more...

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation promotes and results in good health for body, mind and soul. Science has been proving specific health benefits of meditation for over a century now and the results are astonishing. Let's visit a few areas of our lives where the benefit really can make a difference.  read more...

History of Meditation

The history of meditation goes as far back as humanity started the journey to self awareness.The following article gives an overview of all records found in history of the practice of meditation.    read more...

Meditation Tips, Facts & Research

Meditation has become mainstream and is accepted as a way to relax, deal with stress, calm the mind, heal the body,mind and soul, and furthers ones spiritual connection.

Some scientists believe that in a generation's time, we will see meditation as being as essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise.   read more...

Do I have to be religious/spiritual to Meditate?

Meditation means going within. You don’t have to be on a spiritual path, or even believe in God, to receive assistance from your meditation work. In fact it is concepts and beliefs that are often the main obstacles one encounters when going within.   read more...

How to Create Your Own Meditation Space

A dedicated space for meditation can support your meditation practice greatly as it offers you inspiration, calm and peace the moment you enter it for meditation.

The main thing that you want is to create a space that you look forward retreating to.   Read more...

How to Have a Calm Mind in Meditation?

One of the most challenging things in meditation is our mind, and to have a calm mind. First of all, it is important not to judge our practice in any way—i.e., “that was a good session” or “that was a bad session.”   Read more...

Listening to the Whispers in Meditation

The beauty of life is that there are always whispers of information awaiting to help you in life––if you listen.

These whispers come from deep within. From the part that is connected to the source, whether you call it God, a Higher Power, or your higher intelligence, the truth is within and comes to us at times in the form of whispers.  Read more...


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