Listening Within; Hearing the Whispers

listening within

The beauty of life is that there are always whispers of information awaiting to help you in life––if you listen.

These whispers come from deep within. From the part that is connected to the source, whether you call it God, a Higher Power, or your higher intelligence, the truth is within and comes to us at times in the form of whispers.

Some people call it also intuition or inner truth when they are listening within. In order for us to hear the whispers we have to be calm, quiet and clear enough inside so that we can hear.

Ego Self or True Self?

When I am listening within, is it my true self talking or is it my ego?

This is a very good question and shows that there is a certain level of sincerity and perhaps prayer for purity going on inside of you. To find the answer to your question you best follow the feeling inside that comes with this question. It will lead you to the answer without fail.

And if you like, here follows a direction you could follow to help you on your journey.

  1. Write down the information you receive from your meditation.
  2. If you question whether it is from your mind, or God, or higher intelligence, you can have three further meditations about it. Each time you go into meditation on this one thing, allow more information to come.
  3. After you have meditated and received any further information, then just have a final thinking session. Sit at your desk, get all your notes out, and see with you intelligence how it all fits together and what parts maybe don’t fit in. And other things might come to your mind to put into the equation, a whole new equation, a real bottom line to what the original question or answer was all about.

Sometimes the whispers are so clear that you know you need to act, but even then you can still think for a day about it more. One thing to consider is that knowing whether or not you can trust that what you receive in meditation is from God, and not just stirrings from your ego/mind, sometimes means you have to trust yourself, take action, and pay attention to the results. You can steadily come to learn the difference between your mind and higher intelligence – which is from God – by becoming aware of the results from your actions; are they helping you?

That is a part of self-realization.

  • Each one of us is either hearing or not hearing the things that are being told to us from within, by a Higher Power all the time––call that Higher Power whatever resonates best for you.
  • And it doesn’t matter if we say this is God talking to us, or our higher intelligence or intuition, because either way, there’s always helpful information that is just out of our reach, unless we slow down enough to hear it.
  • This inner hearing is like a whisper. To hear the Whisper, you need to be calm, you need to be quiet, and you need to be peaceful. When you want to succeed in listening within you have to learn how to have a calm mind.
  • Whether you call it God, a Higher Power, or your higher intelligence, there are always whispers of information awaiting to help you in life––if you listen.

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