Meditation Inspiration & Gifts

meditation inspiration

A friendly reminder, an inspiring quote, a fresh approach can be like a drop of fresh water in a dry dessert.

These are gifts from us in the hopes to offer you meditation inspiration.

Meditation inspiration: Quotes

I gathered many quotes and sayings over the last 25 years that inspire me and have helped me to create a sustaining, daily practice.

Here are some of my favorites that inspired me, reminded me and helped me to open my mind.

With love,


Quotes about meditation

Meditation inspiration: Wallpaper and screen savers

I cannot belief that I only started to use my computer screen as a place for inspiration and reminders to stay focused on God, just this last month!

So here it is to the power of the computer age: Meditation wallpapers and Screen Savers.

We used all pictures taken at the Secret Garden Retreat and combined them with our favorite quotes and words.


Ian and Rose

Meditation Wallpapers

Meditation quotes for an open mind

Meditation quotes can open up new doors in our consciousness, our heart and our soul. It does that by breaking up beliefs and concepts we have about ourselves, meditation and God.

I have gathered a few meditation quotes that over the years of meditating have helped me to just do that; breaking up concepts and beliefs so I could tap deeper into my consciousness and find more of my True Self and God.

Some of the words and quotes that I keep close to my heart,

with love,


Meditation quotes

Meditation prayers

These are some of my most favorite meditation prayers that I take into meditation often. Somehow the power of these prayers never seem to lessen. That is why I want to share them with you. I have them all written down in my meditation inspirations book. Whenever I feel the need for inspiration and guidance to go deeper in my meditation, these meditation prayers help me greatly.


Meditation Prayers

Quotes about prayer

There are so many concepts about prayer. The following words and quotes help to bust some of these concepts and gave me back the true essence and rich tool it is for my own transformation.


Quotes about prayer

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