A meditation wallpaper
a gift for you

A personalized current meditation wall paper for your computer desktop can be a powerful way to be inspired and stay reminded to go within and stay within. You can keep changing them and I hope you will keep changing them. We change and so should the reminders of truth around us.

We created some meditation wallpapers from pictures taken at the meditation retreat called the Secret Garden in Spain. On some we added our favorite quotes as reminders and inspiration.

Please feel free to download them for yourself! It is a gift from us to you.

May you keep venturing deeper and further within!

Meditation wall paper with quotes

Klick on any one of the meditation wallpapers and a gallery will open. This way you can see them all in a nice size.

Make your own meditation wallpaper

A meditation wallpaper is not hard to create. Find yourself a picture that touches your heart, your soul to the deepest part of your being. Ansel Adams said it beautifully:

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels,

in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed

If you do not have a picture that you feel about that way see if there is anything around you that invokes that feeling in your heart, invokes the presence. Maybe it is a statue in your garden, maybe a picture in a friends house. Maybe a place in nature that you love to sit and admire, a flower.

When you take the picture make sure you make it the highest resolution/quality possible. Desktop wall paper pictures need to be of high resolution.

If you like to add some words, a quote perhaps, there are great programs where you can do this easily. I use PicMonkey as it is so dead easy and they offer some great effects. It is online and free of charge.

Then upload your final picture and add it to your desktop wallpapers folder.

The need for calm inspiration is great these days. We have so much input coming from all around us. And in this day and age a lot comes to us through all of our devices; smart phones, computers, tablets etc. The need to open a device and for a moment see a picture or quote that reminds us to go within, that there is nothing more important then love and to be connected can be of a great support.

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