The Meditation Room

meditation room

The Meditation Room is a room where you can come to and immerse yourself in meditation.

You will find many different types of meditations to serve your needs.

Some are guided with music, some are guided in silence.

Be Open & Explore... We wish you a good meditation.

Prepare for meditation

The following are talks and pre-meditation exercises to help you prepare for meditation and get the most out of your practice. Try each of them once. Once you understand each of the principles you can apply them to any of your meditation practices. Whenever you need a refresher you can come back to this section and listen to them again.

An informative talk outlining 7 simple things to do that will help improve your meditations greatly.

This exercise assists you to calm your mind and clear yourself from surface feelings so you become clear, calm and open; a great consciousness to start your journey of going within.

Our breath is a most powerful tool to aid in reducing stress, getting focused, relax, to get energized, alkalizing the body and so much more. This is an 8 minute guided practice to deeply focus on our breath.

Short Guided Meditations

These free guided meditations are about 5 to 15 minutes long and cover many different topics like Relaxing the Body, Calming the Mind, Releasing Stress, Letting Go, Re-Energize etc. These shorter type of meditations are excellent to listen to when you do not have much time but want to take a few minutes to re-group, re-center or need to relax or re-energize.

A guided meditation to relax your body and your mind with a trickling brook in the background.

Let go! and then drop deep into the calm and and stillness that is there deep within you.

This half an hour meditation guides you gently yet powerfully to receive great benefit from your sleeping hours.

Our breath is such a powerful tool, to help us calm and center.

A monk meditation.

Your meditation is prayer in action. And as you work on yourself, the things you need to let go off will come to the surface.

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Our meditation library has over 75 meditations for you to enjoy.

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Special Event Meditations

A Christmas Eve Meditation, 2018. In honor of the saints, masters and teachers who gave their lives to bring more light, love and truth into this world.

The GMP™️, a Modern-day meditation practice

The Modern-Day Meditation, also known as the GMP, is a most comprehensive and complete meditation addressing body, mind, heart and soul. Enjoy this 3 part meditation facilitated by my dearest friend and one of my greatest teachers  Jim st. James. It is simply powerful and therefor brilliant.
It is truly a gift to be guided into meditation by a master. A great offering in the meditation room.

Jim introduces the Modern-Day Meditation Practice. Jim is a teacher and developer of the Modern-Day Meditation.

Jim explains how to best prepare yourself for this meditation practice.

This meditation is excellent to learning the art of focusing and how to keep your focus and addresses the many obstacle that can come your way.

The GMP is for people who want to know the deeper, truer parts of themselves as well as for those who want to find answers needed to work out material life problems and goals. It is also very much a meditation for those who have the specific desire to fully reunite with the Source. But you don’t have to be on a spiritual path, or even believe in God, to receive assistance from this meditation. To read more about this meditation: The Modern-Day Meditation

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