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Enjoy Meditating with New Meditations Every Month

Pay just 10Euro per month and enjoy the following:

  1. Full access for the month to all meditations in the library of the membership of your choice
  2. Meditate to one or more new guided meditations every month
  3. Request a meditation if you feel the library is lacking this type of meditation
  4. Join a network of meditators for inspiration and support
  5. Be the first to receive new articles and news on meditation
  6. You can cancel your membership any time you like

Bronze Meditation Member

  • Meditations suited for beginners
  • They are short to medium long
  • The meditations are suited to support the beginners journey into meditation
  • Some of the categories are: Calming, Relaxing, Focusing, Morning, Evening etc.

Silver Meditation Member

  • Meditations suited for any meditator
  • Meditations of all different lengths
  • Focuses on sharpening your skills and abilities in meditation
  • Many of the meditation techniques and methods are represented

Gold Meditation Member

  • Meditations to support your spiritual transformation
  • These meditations are suited for advanced meditators
  • The teachings of many great masters and Incarnations are incorporated in the meditations

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