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Your meditation questions are an important part of the journey as they help you to open up your mind and find expanded awareness on how to go within and how to deal with obstacles and challenges when they come your way.

We always want to support you to take your meditation questions into your meditations and find your own answers. And additionally it can be so helpful to receive help and perhaps a different point of view to the subject.

The answers we give you will never will be the "right" -end all be all- kind of answers. Our meditation experts will bring themselves and their own experience to you through their answers.

We recommend you take the answers into your own meditation and contemplate the direction you want to take. This way you grow into self awareness in the area of your meditation questions.

Meditation questions can help yourself & others

The meditation Corner is a community, a place to share about your meditation experiences and to ask the questions you have about your meditation practice to help you keep moving forward.

Please feel free to ask any questions you like re. meditation in the meditation corner.

We will give each question the serious consideration and reflection it deserves and we will give you an answer back in about a week's time.
If you give us permission, we will post your question and our reply and anybody in the community is then welcome to join in the conversation!

You can also share your realizations in the meditation corner and we will post them within 24 hours.

Join the Conversation in the Meditation Corner.

Ask and Share it Here!

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