Meditation Course


Join us on a transformative journey to create

a powerful, consistent and effective meditation practice for your self


Unlock the full potential of your meditation practice so you can

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  get connected, every time you meditate


  be master over your thoughts and feelings


  remove obstacles that are in the way


  uncover your True Self and your life purpose

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  live your life with an open mind and open heart


  support others to transform


  be at peace and balanced no matter what happens


  think clearly and find solutions for any challenge


Build your meditation from the ground up with Rose & Ian


Learning to meditate takes time as no one can skip over anything on the journey of self realisation and higher consciousness. 


You can go to a depth, if not today - soon - , where your path becomes clear and your journey within gives you great pleasure!


In the Course you will learn

  • to use your innate skills and abilities to succeed on your journey within
  • to reach profound levels of meditation as you are being guided by experts in the field
  • a full spectrum of meditation which embraces all parts of you;  body, mind, heart and spirit
  • to identify the obstacles, which are often hidden, and how to overcome them
  • to calm your mind; increase the feeling of peace, calm and happiness in your life
  • to take control over your emotions and thus take control over your life
  • to connect to the Source and how to live your life from your connection
  • to access the discipline that lives inside of you so you can succeed in making it a practice that fits into your daily life
  • to tackle challenges in your life and find the answers/solutions through meditation

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With the Meditation Course you will be receiving

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13 master classes with Rose


18 online guided Meditations by Rose and Ian


13 meditation exercises to help you explore and make the teachings your own


A comprehensive course manual, which includes transcripts of the masterclasses for in depth study


Being part of a discussion forum of people participating worldwide in the course; Inspire and be Inspired


Study at your own pace

100% Online and you can finish it in your own timing


Life long access

to all of the content including the guided online meditations


Post course support

we are there for support during and after your course

Curriculum for the meditation course


Week 1

Lesson 1

An introduction to meditation and how to get the most out of this course and your meditation practice. We start the meditation practice with learning to focus.

Lesson 2

How to approach meditation. Contemplating the way you approach meditation can reveal many things about yourself and what it is you want from your practice.

Lesson 3

Creating a sustainable practice. If you want to succeed in meditating and desire to create a practice that sustains you every day, committing to your practice is your priority.

Week 2

Lesson 1

How to prepare for meditation.  Preparing for meditation can help you to unwind, clear out your mind and open up your body for a deeper meditation experience.

Lesson 2

The sleep-time meditation. There is so much that can happen for you while you sleep, and it hinges strongly upon the state that you fall asleep in.

Week 3

Lesson 1

Desire is everything.  Spiritual desire is to meditation what the sun is to human life, we need the sun to keep our life forces going, and we need spiritual desire to sustain our focus and endeavors in each moment of meditation.

Lesson 2

Meditation and music.  Music and chanting have been part of meditation and spiritual practices for a very long time. We will explore the benefits and distractions of music.

Week 4

Lesson 1

Calming the mind.  One of the most challenging aspects of meditation is dealing with our mind and learning to become calm of mind. Let's get to the truth about our thoughts and the mind in meditation.

Lesson 2

Beginners mind & prayerful mind.  Everyone can improve their meditation practice greatly, no matter what stage of learning meditation they are at, by capturing one of two states of mind.

Week 5

Lesson 1

Your abilities will help you succeed.  It is important to contemplate, reflect and meditate on your ability to meditate. There is also an important link to recognise between your abilities to live your life and your abilities to go within and find the answers that you are looking for.

Lesson 2

Meditation to Transform Yourself. To help us understand meditation as the powerful transformational tool that it is, I need to first explain more about the nervous system.

Week 6

Lesson 1

How to deal with feelings and emotions.  When you meditate and dip into the subconscious, you can start to experience many of these emotions that are hiding below the surface.

Lesson 2

Final teachings.  As many people there are, as many perspectives. You always have to stay open to the more that’s available to us always.


Join our meditation community!

As part of the course you will be invited to join our online community. An important part of our path to inner growth and higher consciousness is supporting others along the way. So much of our growth is in the giving. Connect with like minded travelers and share your discoveries and experiences. Inspire and be inspired!



This meditation course offers so much more then teaching you how to meditate and take your practice to another level.

If you are sincere about your desire to want to learn meditation

Unlock the full potential of your meditation practice today!

If it is not working for you, we give you your investment back!



Investment:   247€

Includes: 13 Masterclasses with Rose, 18 Online guided meditations with Rose and Ian, 13 meditation exercises, a course manual with all transcripts, membership to the online meditation4transformation discussion forum



Investment:   547€

Includes: All that is included in course OPTION 1

 +   Six 45min one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our transformational coaches (300€)

 +    One one-on-one coaching session with Rose, your master teacher (90€ value)

 +    3 months of MyZenSpace subscription for free (51€ value)

Start Meditation Now!

We are 100% committed to you succeeding with your meditation practice.

If you have followed the course and done your best and are not happy, 

we will give you your money back in the first 14 days.

We are happy to say, if this happens, you will be the first!

What do you have loose? Start Today...

14day money back guarantee

How do we teach meditation?

The truth is, nobody can teach you meditation. Meditation is something that you learn through practice. You can receive the teachings but it is you yourself that has to apply them, and as you are practicing you are learning from direct experience. You are teaching yourself in this way meditation.

We guide the meditation course by explaining to you the mechanics of meditation. This was you can apply what you have learned into your own personalized practice. Rather then teaching you one particular technique from one spiritual direction, we go into the many different ways and techniques and how they all come together in one direction; going within.

It does not matter how you do it, as long as you do it!

You can do the course as it is set up as meditation for beginners, yet the teachings and guided meditations are excellent for the advanced meditator if you are looking for ways to further your practice.


Why Should I do this Meditation Course?

Well, very simply put, we have been guiding and supporting people in meditation successfully for a very long time. Meditation is a corner stone in our daily lives. It is what enables us to keep growing into more awareness and love. Meditation also allows us to contribute to others in a high qualitative way. It is most important for us that we walk our talk. Rose has a Phd and all, but really we like to think that our highest qualification for doing what we are doing is that we walk our talk.

Rose started meditating 30 years ago, and starting teaching meditation 17 years ago. She is so passionately committed to you finding your way into meditation direct and straight. She is known for creating a space that is non-judgmental, open and deeply heartfelt. She brings in her connection to spirit in an inviting and non-religious way. People love listening to her voice as she guides you within.

During the course you will also be listening to Jim St. James at times. Jim is one of Ian's and Rose's spiritual mentors and an incredible teacher of meditation. His way of explaining the process of going within is taking meditation out of the box and demystifies the practice. He is an expert on helping us with the traps of the mind.

We even give you a "money back guarantee", so if you have followed our program and done your best, but are not happy, we'll give you your money back. We are happy to say that, if this happens, you will be the first!

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