Ways to meditate with us to gain mastery

ways to meditate

There are different ways to meditate with us at the School for Meditation. We have discovered the following about meditation;

As many people there are on the planet, as many ways there are in going within!

The courses, journey's, online guided meditations and retreats we offer are multifaceted. They cover many of the different elements important to succeed in meditation. Elements like:

  • ability to be still and listen within
  • ability to let go of suppressed emotions
  • ability to open your heart
  • ability to know the difference between your ego self and your True Self

These are a few of the many innate abilities we all have, but perhaps have not been developed or we are not able to  consciously apply them. Our offerings are always so much more then just meditation.

Give it a try and see what happens!

We are looking forward to meditating with you, Ian & Rose

Unlock the full potential of your meditation practice

and transform any aspect of you life


If you want more from your meditations and like your practice to transform your life, then this 6-week meditation mastery course is for you. It is all a matter of going deep enough, so you can reside in the inner sanctuary - connected to the source of all Love and Intelligence. This is where we like to guide you so you can go there, in every meditation, again and again.


Immerse yourself for 21 days in meditation


This meditation journey is a great way to experience our guided meditations. They are rich in content and cover the different ways to meditate. All levels are welcome to join. This journey can be done solo or together with a community of fellow meditators.


My ZenSpace - a meditation subscription

meditation library

Receive weekly guided meditations, talks and inspiration to nurture your meditation practice. This is a relaxed way to experience all the ways to meditate with us.


Is meditation important and close to your heart?

meditation retreats

Join us for a meditation retreat in Spain

One of the best ways to learn to meditate, to further your existing practice and to connect powerfully is to do a retreat. Our retreats are offered at the Secret Garden Retreats in Spain, home for the School for Meditation. We love to meet you in person soon!


Cannot find the ways to meditate with us?

These are some of the ways to meditate with us.

Don't know which way is the right fit for you?

contact us and we discover together the best way to get started.

Contact us:

tel: +34 722 522 992

We look forward to hear from you!

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