Types of Meditation

types of meditation

There are so many types of meditation. Many people ask me: "What is the best meditation technique out there?

This question has kept me busy for years on end. When I respond to questions my intention is to bring more light to an area, i.e  free us, not bind us more.

After years of practicing myself, exploring the many ways of going within, teaching different practices and teaching instructors I have come to realize something important:

"Meditation techniques and exercises can be very helpful

in learning how to meditate...
and at the same time they can hinder you from going deeper within"

When we are going within we want to be open and receptive to how we are being guided. There are so many ways and techniques as there are people. If we are not receptive to what to use when, we might end up with a meditation technique, stuck in a 'rut', missing out on the so much more that is available when we meditate.

Most types of meditation that are being practiced stem from a spiritual belief system or a specific teaching. Most of the time it instructs all people to do the same thing all the time in meditation such as

  • witnessing,
  • focus on a mantra,
  • removing all thoughts,
  • breathing,
  • chanting,
  • being still,
  • and so on.

These types of meditation could be called a “blanket process”, like the same medicine for all people. The thing is every person may be in need for a different medicine at any different time. Of course people can make great strides by using a blanket process, but eventually many become stuck and lost in the process itself.

Often people try to do the same spiritual practices or techniques all the time to become self-realized and to find truth. Thus they become attached to the process itself and are not open to other avenues that may be more helpful at different points on their path.

But if meditation is practiced right should it not itself reveal to you more truth and understanding about the very nature of going within, and how that time-honored practice is meant to go beyond any blanket process or belief of what meditation is?

Meditation Technique: Our recommendation

So rather than teaching you a technique from a particular belief or teaching, let’s focus on:

  • teaching the mechanics and science of going within
  • exploring the abilities and skills to succeed in meditation
  • extensive personalized help on how to deal with the challenges that block us

You see in one sense it really does not matter how you do it...
as long as you do it!

We will be discussing some different types of meditation next. We recommend you are open to all of them as each meditation technique focuses on 1 or more of our skills and abilities we need to succeed in the practice of going within.

And be careful...When you start to favor one...ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I attached to meditating in a certain way?
  2. Have I gotten comfortable in any way? Could I be in a "rut" somehow?
  3. Am I avoiding any experience or anything inside of me?
  4. Am I open to other types of meditation?

Types of Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation


  • Mindfulness is a conscious, purposeful way of tuning in to what’s happening in and around us.
  • Mindfulness is about observation without criticism; being compassionate with yourself.

Recommended for:

  • It helps to increase our awareness on our thoughts, feelings and what we focus on.
  • It improves mental focus

Go to: Mindfulness Meditation to

GMP - a Modern-day Meditation


  • This meditation is for people who want to know the deeper, truer parts of themselves as well as for those who want to find answers needed to work out material life problems and goals.
  • It is a practical meditation that involves all parts of our being: heart, mind, body an soul.
  • The meditation is infused with an energy and a power coming directly from the Source to help you move with ease and great speed if you so desire.

Recommended for:

  • People from all walks of life desiring a modern-day approach to meditation.
  • People that are serious about finding the truth and desire to transform at great speed.
  • It is also a simple practice that is great to be taught in schools and businesses.

Go to: Modern-day Meditation to

Sleep Meditation


  • You can be moving spiritually while sleeping. It all hinges on the consciousness you fall asleep in.
  • Get answers to most important matters in your life during your sleeping hours.

Recommended for:

  • A great educational meditation for people that want to use their sleeping hours to move spiritually.
  • People that have problems with their sleeping hours and are looking to rest more deeply while sleeping.
  • Busy people who have no time for other types of meditation.

Go to: Sleep Meditation to

Meditation to Overcome Fear


  • Courage does not mean you do not have fear. It means you do not let the fear stop you.
  • Hands on description on a powerful way to find freedom from your fears in meditation.

Recommended for:

  • If you like to learn more about fear and how to find true freedom from your fears.

Go to: Meditation to overcome fear to

Spiritual Healing Meditation


  • The essence of a spiritual healing meditation is that true healing can only happen through the light, love and power of God, the Source...the All Mighty or however you like to refer to the "All that Is".
  • This type of healing is available to us all...and what it takes is: to let go & let God

Recommended for:

  • Anyone looking for spiritual healing, whether you belief in God or not.

Go to: Spiritual Healing Meditation to

Meditation Mantras


  • Mantra are powerful tools to create a lot of spiritual movement in meditations.
  • You could say that a mantra is an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration which can assist you to enter a deep state of meditation.

Recommended for:

  • People that feel challenged by their mind
  • Anyone can call on them as a support for their meditation for instance when they want to feel God more closely or have a desire to go deeper.

Go to: Meditation Mantra's to

a One Minute Meditation


  • This meditation strengthens the alignment with your True Self and your life's purpose.
  • You can do it any time, any place and any which way.

Recommended for:

  • All of us and especially people with a busy lifestyle.
  • A great way to introduce children, and anyone else, to meditation.

Go to: The One-Minute Meditation to

Meditation for Children


  • All children love the truth and all children love to have tools that will help them to deal with their emotions and thoughts.
  • Creative ways to bring different types of meditation to children.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone who is passionate about meditation and cares about children.

Go to: Meditation for Children to

Meditation for Yoga


  • A yoga meditation is powerful to give the practitioner time to bring awareness to recognize the changes, the opening that has happened due to their yoga practice.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone who practices yoga and is looking for a meditation to complete their yoga routine.
  • As it also has a written script for a yoga meditation it is a great tool for yoga teachers

Go to: Yoga Meditations to

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