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Meditation for concentration

meditation for concentration

Practicing meditation for concentration improvement is well-known. Some think that meditation is all about concentration of the mind. However this belief is putting great limits on the practice of meditation. In order to come to a calm place where you can focus and concentrate well you might need to dance or scream in your meditation to move things out of the way so you can let go and find this natural place of calm that lives inside all of us.

Being able to focus and concentrate are abilities.

Why do we value the ability to concentrate and focus?

To be able to calmly hold our attention on one subject or area is an ability that is very useful in our life. Being able to focus and concentrate increases our abilities to:

  • perform
  • learn new things
  • control our senses, mind and emotions
  • overcome obstacles and resolve conflict
  • reach our goals, especially long-term goals
  • have fulfilling relationships
  • fill ourselves with the presence of God

This ability is innate

The ability to calmly focus on a subject or area is an innate ability; meaning...we all have this ability inside of us when we are born. Somehow for some of us this ability does not develop enough or possibly gets covered over as we go through our lives. But the good news is, we all have it. It is just a matter of uncovering it and developing it. For some people it comes a lot easier than others but that does not take away from the fact that each one of us can learn to develop it.

Meditation for concentration is a tool

Concentration per definition comes with an effort. You "force" your thoughts to focus on one thing. That is why it is often referred at as single-pointedness.

This kind of concentration can create power, movement and an intensity. It clears your mind from distractions etc. But then it is up to you what you will do with this concentration.

Are you going to use this ability to concentrate and focus to bring and increase the light, love and truth? Or are you using this ability to focus on the negative and increase separation and suffering of yourself and others around you?

Meditation is focus. Meditation is connecting to yourself and the divine. Meditation is letting go. Meditation is prayer. Meditation is listening...

You see meditation is so many things and concentration on a particular object or area can help to focus the mind initially. It is a tool. But at a certain point you are going to have to let go and let God. Otherwise you stop the flow. You get stuck in one particular way of meditating and that can prevent other things from happening. Especially the things of the unknown and the mystery I like to call God.

Meditation for lasting results

Scientist have developed many exercises to help develop and sharpen our ability to focus. It is worth pursuing for sure. Meditation is one.

Meditation is proven to help with our ability to focus and to concentrate.

From my own experience, to practice meditation for concentration purposes is a very powerful way to go. It is a direct road as it gets you to go to the heart of the matter.

Meditation is powerful and empowering for many reasons.

  • A complete meditation addresses emotions, feelings, senses and the mind in meditation. This way there will be no repression and no denial.
  • As it addresses the emotions, senses and feelings we are able to reach a state of calm that is natural and is always present inside of us. We are not trying to become calm on top of all the emotions etc. We want to find the calm that is natural already residing with in us.
  • This type of calm is connected and real.
  • From this calm you can focus easily and naturally.
  • This focus carries with it a depth and is connected.
  • From this place we can receive results that are direct and lasting.
  • A complete meditation will also help any sincere meditator to get to the heart of the matter, the possible reason why this ability to focus is weak.
  • Once you know the reason you can remove the obstacle and free your ability to focus so to speak.

The modern-day meditation is a meditation that incorporates our whole being in meditation and thus a powerful meditation for concentration improvement.

Prayer is the most powerful of all concentration

Prayer turns our attention and focus within, like meditation.

For me prayer and meditation are almost the same as they both assist with keeping my focus within. Both have been completely necessary for all stages of my transformation towards the ways of God and self awareness.

The world of true reality, love of God and the All that Is is accessed by going within. Prayer is the way we find ourselves in communion with the Source of all, with or without words.

Becoming absorbed in prayer is an ultimate concentration on the divine with an openness to hear, to listen and to act if asked to.

Prayer is a most powerful tool. It has to be experienced to know the depths of this truth.

Meditation for concentration can help you if you are

  • a student looking to improve your results at school
  • an Olympic athlete desiring to raise your level of performance
  • a mother who wants to help her child to calmly hold its attention longer
  • looking to improve the quality of your relationships
  • a serious meditator desiring union with God, reach spiritual freedom
  • someone who needs to have more control over their emotions, senses and mind
  • wanting to reach your long term goals

I guess you could say: Meditation for concentration can help you if you are

  • a human being!

So where do I start?

Ok, where do you start? As many individuals there are, as many ways there are to go about this. I will try listing some possible scenario's in the hopes they will give you a hint of the direction to go into.

Are you an Olympic athlete or a serious individual that is challenged by reaching your goals?

You are desiring to reach your full potential. In order to reach your full potential you need to open up and learn to connect to the Source where all intelligence, energy and power comes from. Then learn to meditate. You can do it. You can start today. And the results will be immediate. Also there are results that you cannot see but accumulate as you have a regular practice in place. It is these smaller changes in your consciousness that when you add them up create powerful life altering changes in your life. Things that seemed impossible will become possible with a regular and committed practice in place.

Are you a parent and are noticing that your child can benefit from developing his/her ability to focus?

Research has shown that meditation increases a child's ability to concentrate and sustain it, even doing the most boring tasks. The University of Pennsylvania showed that students meditating only a few minutes a day can expect increasing levels of focus and performance. So you see, just a few minutes can make a difference!

First, I suggest you commit to a regular meditation practice yourself. Learn to meditate yourself if that is where you can start. From this place you can support, inspire and encourage your child to pick up this amazing thing to do! You are then able to teach your child yourself,  or find a place where they instruct meditation specifically to children.

There is a way to bring meditation to children that is fun and easy. And children take it to so easily as they are still so open and can move quickly.  I wrote an article about some ideas on how to support your child to start meditating. Meditation for concentration is easy to learn.

Are you a person that can't stick with things; a relationship, a job, learning a new skill or any task really?

The best way for you to succeed with meditation for concentration is to join a course or find a meditation teacher and meditation that you resonate with and commit. Commit by paying upfront for a 6-week meditation course, or become a member of the meditation group and commit to regular classes. Set yourself up so you can succeed, meaning small steps that you do are better then big ones that you do not stick with. Let the power of compounding of small successful steps work for you. In meditation ask yourself the questions: "Why can I not commit? Why don't I stick with it? Why am I on the run?" Ask and you will receive.


Meditation for concentration improvement works

and is one of the most direct, fastest and lasting way to go!

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