How to meditate properly...

how to meditate properly

A sincere meditator will frequently explore the question "How to meditate properly" . There are many benefits to this exploration:

  • Exploring this regularly will help us to keep a beginners mind. It is good to nurture the quality of humility and embrace the attitude of always being a beginner. It helps to keep the ego out of messing around with our practice.
  • When we ask ourselves how to meditate properly, it can reveal the many known and unknown misconceptions we have inside of ourselves about meditation. Misconceptions are one of the biggest obstacles in the way for us to reach deeper levels and reaching further into truth, love and God.
  • This question also supports us to stay open minded. "What if there is a "better" way of opening up, of letting go and being able to go deeper?" 

Going within opens us up to the vast mystery, I like to call God. You can call it whatever you like; universal love, the "all that is"...etc. And a vast mystery He is. If we want to experience God, meet Him, embrace Her then all concepts and beliefs of how this will happen and how it will be, have to be thrown out of the window.

One thing that will help us explore the misconceptions about meditation is:

You can't do it right

You can't do it wrong

You can only let go!


How to best explore "How to meditate properly?"

The most powerful thing I found to explore a subject is to ask many, and I mean many, questions. I can ask myself sometimes 100 questions to find the answer to an important matter. I do not answer all of the questions...the answers to all the questions are not of importance. When we ask the many questions at a certain point we land on the "right question". When someone says: "That is a good question?", have we ever thought about why that is? Well the question holds potential. It actually holds the answer to the question and we know it. Here as some questions that can help explore this subject:

  • Do I need to prepare myself for meditation to get the best results?
  • What is the best way to prepare for meditation?
  • Do I need to close my eyes or can I keep them open to have results?
  • How long should I meditate for?
  • Is meditating in the morning more powerful then in the evening?
  • Do I need to sit in a lotus position to get the maximum benefit?
  • Should I play music or is it better to sit in silence?
  • Can I have no thoughts when I meditate, do I need to be still?
  • If my mind rambles on during the meditation does that mean I am failing?
  • Should I ignore the feelings that come up in my meditation?
  • Is there a " best way" or a "best practice" to be practicing?
  • Is it better to meditate alone or with a group?
  • If I feel energy in my body should I stop it or should I let it carry on?
  • When I feel it was a "bad" meditation, does that mean I failed?
  • Is there such a thing as a "good" meditation or a "bad" meditation?
  • If my meditation is successful, would I know it?
  • Once I feel connected and feel "All of the Love", does that mean I am finished?
  • If I think nothing is happening in meditation, does that mean nothing is happening?
  • Can I have results in meditation if I only have 5 minutes?
  • Can I move around in meditation or do I need to sit still the whole session?
  • When do I know I am done meditating?
  • Will I ever find the perfect way to meditate and be able to answer the question: how to meditate properly?

You can't do it right

You can't do it wrong

You can only let go!

Being humble is the key!

A most important key to our success is to be humble.

Knowing that there is always more to learn.

Knowing that there is no end and there is always further to go.

Knowing that we always need help because really...we do not know anything.

Knowing that how ever we succeeded in the past might not be the way today.

Knowing that what is working for me might not be working for you.

The great mystery of God is really worth striving for. Being humble and open is the key!

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