A meditation guide

meditation guide

This meditation guide is created for people who have started to meditate and want to

  • face obstacles in order to go deeper and further
  • gain more awareness on the benefits they are receiving
  • create a sustaining meditation practice
  • find the joy in meditating

If you are new to meditation make sure to also read the meditation guide for beginners: Meditation for beginners.

We discussed the importance of being committed, to never give up. We looked at how you can prepare yourself for a meditation and the need to start your meditation with a mind that is open and free from expectations. We also started to touch upon the topic of the need of spiritual desire and how it is one of the most important keys to the success of your meditation practice.

The following collection of articles will discuss different aspects of your meditation work that will form important corner stones for your meditation practice and in time when practiced, will create a solid sustaining practice for you.

The truth about thoughts in meditation

 There are so many misconceptions people have about having thoughts or no thoughts including 'no-mind' regarding meditation. The following quote really puts it well:

"Meditation is NOT a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there — buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day." 

The truth about the mind and thoughts in meditation might break up a lot of concepts you might have. In one sense, it does not really matter whether there are thoughts or not. Our focus in meditation and the state of receptivity are endeavors in a different area. Now it will help greatly to start off our meditation with a relative calm mind so we can find this state of reception right at the beginning of our meditation. But before we go there, let's look a little further into this state of reception. read more...

Your state of mind is key!

Many people ask  "How can I meditate better?

What is the secret to a successful meditation?

How can I go further, deeper and receive more benefit from my meditations?

Everyone can improve their meditation practice greatly, no matter what stage of learning meditation they are at, by capturing one of two states of mind.

  • The beginners mind
  • A prayerful mind

At the beginning, learning to meditate is such a beautiful journey. It is so exciting, so many new experiences come and places inside of you are uncovered that you did not even know were in there. So many new discoveries are unfolding because the person is naturally capturing the state of a beginners mind. Then as a person starts to become an ‘expert’ in the field of meditation and forgets to put themselves in beginners shoes, being an 'expert' becomes an obstacle. read more...

How to meditate deeply?

"The only solution to the problem is go deeper"

That is a universal truth. This teaching alone is worth contemplating a lot and should be kept close to your heart always.
Our mind generally tries to figure out solutions and then looks around outside of ourselves to find them. Yet all along finding, that all the answers are within...it was just a matter of going deep enough within to find them. That is why we want to learn how to go deeper at any given moment in meditation. To explore this area go here to read more...

Ego or True Self?

When you listen within, can you hear the whispers? Can you hear the guidance from within that is going on for 24/7 and is never stopping?

And this raises an important question:  When I am listening within, is it my True Self talking or is it my ego?

This is a very good question and shows that there is a certain level of sincerity and perhaps prayer for purity going on inside of you. To find the answer to your question you best follow the feeling inside that comes with this question. It will lead you to the answer without fail. And if you like, here follows a direction you could follow to help you on your journey. A most valuable meditation guide: read more...

Do you know your misconceptions?

How does it look like to meditate properly? What would your answer be?

Are you aware of your concepts and beliefs you have regarding meditation? How to start, how to sit, what to listen to etc. What is the proper way to meditate? It is important to take time contemplating this question as it will reveal misconceptions you might have. Misconceptions are in the way for us to have a beginners mind and thus stop us from being able to go deeper. read more...

Power of prayer

Prayer has NOTHING to do with religion!

Prayer is your most immediate and most powerful tool in meditation.

Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening...

No matter what your background, culture or believe we all have a need to reach out to divine.

In meditation is where the power of prayer can be experienced, for real, authentic, again and again and again. So let's move some concepts and believes about prayer out of the way so that the power of prayer can be experienced. read more...

Meditation guide for stress

Do meditation techniques for stress work?

Can I use these techniques in meditation for anxiety?

How do I do them right in order to get the best results?

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to battle stress. The problem is that when we are stressed out, the last thing we like and want to do is meditate. So you need to be prepared to fight this battle. read more...in this meditation guide

Meditation guide for learning to focus

The ability to focus and concentrate are highly valued in the material world and for success in meditation. Yet they are abilities that do not come so easy for everyone.

Are these qualities that we can learn? Why seem some people born with and some not? Will I be able to improve my ability to concentrate through meditation?

Being able to focus and concentrate increases our abilities to

  • perform
  • learn new things
  • control our senses, mind and emotions
  • overcome obstacles and resolve conflict
  • reach our goals, especially long-term goals
  • have fulfilling relationships
  • fill ourselves with the presence of God

We all have this ability inside of us. Some need to do the work to uncover it and train it. read more...in this meditation guide

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