How to meditate deeply

how to meditate deeply

How to meditate deeply poses the question “How deep is deep?”

Every individual person will have a different understanding about what deep meditation is and the accuracy of this understanding will depend on how deeply they have gone in meditation them selves. This point is worth contemplating for the benefit of one’s own self-awareness.

What is of great importance in the quest for deep meditation is to have the actual desire to go deeper in one's meditations.

No matter where anyone is at in his or her spiritual life, any person can always go deeper. Therefore in practicing meditation, there really is no limitation to how deeply one can go. This is one of the main factors making meditation such an important spiritual practice and experiential journey for meditators, for over thousands of years and still very much so today!

An important spiritual truth is that

the only solution to any problem is to go deeper

This teaching alone is worth contemplating a lot and should be kept close to your heart always.
Our mind always tries to figure out solutions and looks around outside of ourselves to find them. Then all along finding that the answers are was just a matter of going deep enough within to find them.


Why discover all on how to meditate deeply?

It is a good thing to be striving for depth because when we are on the surface, we tend to be disconnected and lost like a piece of driftwood on the ocean. That is why the teaching "The only solution to the problem is to go deeper" is so true, and could also be applied to the question on how to meditate deeply!

It is in our depths found inside ourselves that we are able to:

  • be connected
  • be detached
  • be deeply calm and find deep peace
  • focus our mind in clarity in the midst of chaos and  turmoil
  • let go of issues
  • know the difference between truth and untruth / the illusion
  • connect to our intuition
  • live from our hearts
  • choose love instead of fear
  • be with God and listen to the whispers of truth and guidance
  • be in control of our emotions, senses and our mind, and thus stay calm

and again:

the only solution to any problem is to go deeper


How do we go about it?

 How does one go deeper in meditation?

  1. Desire is a most powerful force and when our desire for spiritual growth is willed up, a potent movement of spiritual growth and a great increase in the depth in which we live starts to happen. Our personal connection to God / source can increase considerably through a prayerful asking for an increase in spiritual desire. This asking will pull all the help necessary for one’s advancement. Thus desire can be like a prayer.
  2. Trust what comes up when you increase your focus and desire to go deeper. Allow your meditations to unfold, through your trusting what is happening for you in meditation, and not to stop it from happening.
  3. Often in order to go deeper there is some way of letting go that needs to happen. A letting go of a belief or a concept that is in the way for us to move deeper.
  4. Often we need to feel some feeling or emotion deeply and find a way to go underneath the feeling by letting go.
  5. An opening most likely has to occur in some way to be able to go deeper. If nothing seems to be happening from your increase prayer then you can try this most powerful tool: during meditation, scream into towel – not catharting, but a soulful scream from your belly. This can dislodge something and create newfound momentum in your meditations. Try it for yourself and see what happens for you.

and always remembering:

the only solution to any problem is to go deeper


Things that help me go deeper

  1. Scream into my towel.
  2. Join others who are meditating at the depths where I want to go
  3. Pray for more desire to go deeper
  4. Play meditative music – deep, church music is a powerful way to help to pull one deeper within.
  5. I listen to words of truth or read inspiring quotes… this helps me with something kicking into gear inside of me, and I go deeper
  6. Practice silence during the day…then in the evening I am able to go deeper in meditation.
  7. Meditate and contemplate the question: "How to meditate deeply?"

and to never forget:

the only solution to any problem is to go deeper


More tips on going deeper in your meditation work

The bottom line always re. how to meditate deeply:

Practice, practice, practice!

• Take up a meditation course. This way you put yourself in the shoes of being a beginner again and you learn from the ground up. There are some great meditation courses online that are so powerful and helpful that way.

• Attending meditation classes in person that practice a different way or technique that you are currently practicing.

• Practicing guided meditations via our online meditation library.

• Practice a meditation practice which best supports deep meditation for current times.

• An excellent fast track towards learning to meditate deeply is by doing a meditation retreat.

• Spend extended times – hours going within.

• And never loosing site of the bottom line:

Practice, Practice, Practice! because:

the only solution to any problem is to go deeper.

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