How to meditate regularly

meditate regularly

Many people know that the question: How do I meditate regularly? is the key to success. Sustaining a meditation practice can be a challenge for most people. Many meditators who want to improve their meditation skills, might do a meditation course or place themselves in a meditation retreat, which greatly supports their self-discovery of meditation. However when returning to their day to day lives, they often find it difficult to sustain a regular meditation practice.

The reason(s) to why we are not able to create a sustainable practice as part of our life are personal and often hidden from ourselves. But it is well worth it to discover what they are. Here is an important clue for us:

"What blocks us or holds us back in our material lives is the same thing, stemming from the same root that is, that blocks us from going deeper within and succeeding with our practice"

An important question we can ask ourselves; what is blocking me from having the fullest life possible? How could this relate to my practice and having it be part of my lifestyle?

What has helped me the most in getting to the heart of the matter of the things that are in my way to grow and transform and specifically to go deeper is to attend a retreat. At a meditation retreat we have multiple days to practice and can gain a momentum that takes us to the depth needed where we can truly experience the benefits of our endeavors to going within. Then it is so much easier to get to this depth when we are by ourselves and we feel inspired to meditate regularly.

Not all of us have the luxury to attend a retreats, so here are some points which might be helpful in sustaining your own meditation practice:

Tips on how to meditate regularly

Practice Makes Perfect

Set a small goal for example to meditate for a short time every morning, during a break in the day or in the evening, or just before going to sleep. Having frequent short meditations, even just once a day, over a period of time can bring much progress in one’s meditation practice.

Quality & Results are a guaranteed motivator

As you practices meditation, notice all your gains and benefits that you attained. The more gains you are receiving the deeper you are going and the more effective your practice becomes. This in turn can create more desire to go within, and so you have created an increasing and sustained meditation cycle.

Create a space for your meditation practice

Simply create a place somewhere for you in which to meditate or if you have a room which you can dedicate to meditation practice. Make the space nice, neat, conscious, quiet and devotional.

Meditate with Guided Meditations or your own music.

Guided meditations or music can support and help one to go deeper in meditation.
Meditate together with others: Giving to others by for example by meditating together with friends can motivate and enrich someone else’s life and help you to strengthen your own meditation practice. For example: one could have a meditation together at the same time each week.

Become a meditation teacher:

This can be an even bigger way of giving the joy of meditation to others. If you are interested, visit our meditation teacher training page.

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