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In all our meditation retreats we are committed to:

  • serve and help you reach your goals
  • a highly personalised experience, limited to a maximum of 6 participants
  • individual support and integration programs after your retreat

Choose your retreat:

Six days for taking time out and be rejuvenated and filled with renewed direction fro your life. A true vacation for body, mind, heart and spirit.

These meditation retreats are also excellent for people who are new to meditation or for people who want to further their current meditation practice. The program has a great balance of time spend learning, personal guidance, practicing meditation and yoga with plenty of personal time during the day.

The unspoiled natural surroundings are a perfect location to relax and re-energize yourself.

Visit Meditation & Yoga Retreat for more information.

Six days of movement into life changing breakthroughs.

In this retreat you can get to the bottom of what is slowing you down in life or blocking you from what you want most. You will have all the assistance, inspiration, guidance and space you need to get to the root of something and let it go and leave it behind for good. Become re-inspired, renewed with clear direction for your life.

This all in a nature retreat in the mountains of Andalusia at the Secret Garden.

Visit Meditation retreats Spain for more information.

This retreat is designed for people with not much time, yet need time-out to relax, de-stress and re-focus.

Let us know what you want to achieve, when, and we will put together a program tailored for you achieving your goals.

The program can include massage, yoga sessions, meditation, coaching & healthy home cooked meals.

Visit "unplug!" for more information.

Spend seven days in meditation and contemplation, with a  mature group of fellow meditators.

This is on of the most wonderful meditation retreats where everything is taken care of so you can keep your focus within and spend hours every day pursuing your connection to God. It is about gaining new spiritual ground.

•In order to participate in this retreat one must have participated in: Meditation & Yoga Retreat or the Break-through Retreat

Visit "Homecoming" retreat for more information.

Come with your partner and we will create space for you to achieve your relationship goals. People take this retreat to:

  • create a solid relationship base
  • have more intimacy
  • learn skills on dealing with conflict and other challenges
  • have more passion in their relationship

Visit Couples Retreat page for more.

Create your own retreat with the help and support of the staff at the Secret Garden.
We love to support people creating their own retreat and do all what we can to help you succeed in your objectives. You can:

  • Set your own dates
  • Set your own goals
  • Create your own program

Have all of your needs met by the staff of the Secret Garden.

Aim your arrow high!

Visit a personalized retreat for more information.

Unplug & De-stress

To take a break from your daily life circumstances and relationships is a most powerful way to transform quickly.

Let yourself come down in nature full of quiet, free from distractions.

 Confront & Break-through

Gain clarity on what is bothering you or blocking you from living your True Self & living your best life.

Be guided into a life changing & lasting breakthrough.

  Learn &  Practice

Learning about yourself and meditation is easy and enriching in a relaxed environment. You will have time to practice so the teachings become part of you.

This is the key to having lasting results.

    Connect &   Fill up

Meditation retreats are an integral part of re-connection to one's True Self & God; or how ever you like to name the "Source".

It takes this time out to go deep enough. Then you can be filled in a way that will sustain you.

Meaningful Relationships

Leave re-energized, re-inspired full of passion and with clear direction for you life and your relationships.

Enjoy being with like minded people and leave having created new meaningful friendships for life.


On the other side of

fear & anger

heart break



guilt & shame


is always more love, light & JOY!

Meditation retreats at the Secret Garden

Our meditation retreats in Spain are held at the beautiful facilities of the Secret Garden retreat. The Secret Garden is a resort style retreat, situated 5 minutes outside of Genalguacil; one of the famous pueblo blanco's. The property borders the stunning nature reserve of the Genal Valley. A valley where the Rio Genal, a spring water fed river, runs through it offering the purest and loviest water to refresh yourself and enjoy.

You can enjoy the stunning nature, explore the many magnificent hiking trails and refresh yourself with a swim in the river. Not to forget the most beautiful star gazing at night as it is remote enough to enjoy the midnight skies.

The accommodations at the Secret Garden are glamping at its best. Luxurious yurts are beautiful placed in the gardens. You will have all the comforts while living right in the middle of beautiful nature. From your bed you can hear the river runs past and you will wake up to a choir birds greeting you cheerfully.

The value of a retreat by Jiddu Krishnamurti

“I think it is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating like machines whether you believe or don’t believe. You would let fresh air into your minds.

If you can do so, you would be open to the mysteries of nature and to things that are whispering about us, which you would not otherwise reach; you would reach the ‘god’ that is waiting to come, the truth that cannot be invited but comes itself. But we are not open to love, and other finer processes that are taking place within us, because we are all too enclosed by our own desires. Surely, it is good to retreat from all that.

Stop being a member of some society. Stop being a Brahmin, a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim. Stop your worship, rituals, take a complete retreat from all those and see what happens. In a retreat, do not plunge into something else, do not take some book and be absorbed in new knowledge and new acquisitions.

Have a complete break with the past and see what happens.

Do it, and you will see delight. You will see vast expanses. When your heart is open, then reality can come. Then the whispers of your own prejudices, your own noises are not heard. That is why it is good to take a retreat, to go away and to stop the routine, not only the routine of outward existence but the routine which the mind establishes for its own safety and convenience. Those who have the opportunity should try it.”

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