Couples retreat

couples retreat

A couples retreat is for you if:

  • you care and your relationship is of great importance to you
  • you want to create a basis from which you can live a passionate, intimate and ever-growing relationship
  • you want to increase the intimacy and love you have for each other
  • you want to create a relationship that is to here to last
  • you desire more passion, more harmony, and more of your needs met in your relationship

Inner happiness is directly related to the quality of your relationships

Join us for a couples retreat in Andalusia, Spain

With your partner you will go on a 7-day adventure together. This journey will enable you to increase your capacity to:

  • resolve conflicts with grace and ease
  • heal past wounds that are in the way
  • effectively communicate your needs
  • fulfill each others needs
  • listen
  • increase passion
  • increase intimacy
  • increase respect
  • deepen your love for each other
  • create a relationship that lasts

In this couples retreat you will be able to regain the love and passion you once felt for each other...and that all in a nature resort, the Secret Garden, which lays in a national park of the Rio Genal, where stunning lush nature and a river will delight all your senses.

What can I expect from this couples retreat?

These couples retreats are completely unique and personalized to your needs and desires, so each couple might have a complete different schedule etc. as each couple will have different ways to get to meet their goals.

Below follows an example itinerary of a 7-day getaway:


  • Check into your rooms any time after 2pm.
  • Relax & Enjoy the resort grounds and the river with its hiking trails.
  • Welcome dinner at 7pm with facilitators Ian & Rose.

DAY 1 - DAY 5


  • Start the day with gentle exercises to nurture the body, mind and soul like yoga, stretching and meditation.
  • Breakfast is home style with organic fruits, homemade bread and fresh juices.
  • A morning teaching & practice session of 4 hours.
  • Your morning will be completed with a delicious lunch under the shade of trees in the finca’s beautiful courtyard garden.


  • Spend the afternoon with each other. Go for a beautiful hike, enjoy the green and lush nature, swim in the mountain spring water fed river or have a siesta and just do nothing in the sun or in a hammock in the shade. 
  • You will enjoy this time as it gives you time to assimilate the teachings of the day and practice some of the tools given to you.
  • A wonderful romantic Spanish Tapa's-dinner will be served for you at 7pm under the stars.


  • The evenings will be personalized and will consist of: Personal coaching sessions, assignments you do together, watching a teaching video, pampering yourself with massages and a hot tub.


  • A beautiful breakfast is served at the time of your liking.
  • Check out is at 12 noon.
  • Drive to the airport for your return home or you can book more nights to enjoy this beautiful resort a little while longer.

Where is it?

This couples retreat is offered at a beautiful resort of the Secret Garden Retreats, in the mountains of Andalucia in Southern Spain. It is truly a lush and green paradise, a perfect place to spend a holiday with your loved on to embark on a journey to find more intimacy, love, respect, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

A fusion of camping and glamour gives you glamping which is what we offer here. Think of it as camping in style in a comfortable hotel with everything you need provided. The accommodation is based on staying in one of the unique Mongolian yurts. Set in a gorgeous location right by the river that flows with mountain spring water, this is camping at its best. The yurts are beautifully decorated and have high quality beds and linens. Each yurt has it's own private terrace and bathroom. They are completely comfortable and you will have all you need from electricity to running water. Fall asleep with the river sounds as you gaze at the stars through the roof crown and wake up to the birds singing; Paradise.

How much?

Prices are highly individualized depending on the duration of your stay and what you like to be accomplished.

EXAMPLE: A 7 day retreat with the above itinerary costs the following:

1695,00 EURO

This includes:

  1. 6 nights of accommodations in a luxurious yurt
  2. All pamper and well being gifts
  3. All meals and beverages for 5 days
  4. Dinner/Tapa's on arrival day
  5. Breakfast on departure day
  6. All teaching materials, video's and books
  7. Use of all the facilities at the Secret Garden Retreat including the Hot Tub
  8. One full body massage each
The price does not include your transfer from the airport and your flight tickets.

Your coaches

We are dedicated to live a life of simplicity, peace and truth. Contributing to friends and people around us is our greatest joy. We live in Spain where we created an 11-acre Eco-Conscious Retreat called the Secret Garden.One of our most important values is : " To walk the talk ".

We are looking forward to welcome you at this beautiful paradise, and give you everything you need so you can find what you came here for...and who knows? Maybe more...

Rose's deep compassion and Ian's relentless passion are a guarantee for you to succeed on your trip and leave inspired, rejuvenated with a clear direction for your next steps. For over 20 years, Rose has taught meditation and traveled the world to set up 8 meditation centers including USA, Europe and Australia. She has been a family mediator and relationships coach for over 15 years. When she met Ian 8 years ago they became partners and assisted many couples to turn their lives from a possible divorce into a fulfilling and meaningful relationship that has the power to last.

Ian's passion for the deeper meaning of life and his daily meditation work make him an excellent coach to help you gain more from your own endeavors towards truth and the unconditional love.

We are truly dedicated to this couples retreat and will give it our all!

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