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Full of Energy

This feeling of wanting more is very common in the hearts of people that want to make a difference.

Whether you are a coach, a therapist, a teacher, a parent or just a person one thing you can count on;

there is always more to be found!

Meditation can be a most powerful and immediate tool that will help you to access all of that.

At School for Meditation you can:

Learn meditation from the ground up

We offer a Meditation for Every Day Mini Course that will help you create a solid foundation; learn to meditate in the comfort of your own home, in your own timing.

Get what you need to go further, deeper with your practice

The School for Meditation is home of a great team of meditation experts. Most of us at one point or another need outside guidance to be able to go deeper, to be able to go to the next level. Our 30-day Meditation Challenge is wonderful program to get a taste of what is available.

Book yourself in for a meditation retreat to take your practice to a whole new level

If you like to get deeper in your meditations, gain more spiritual ground, get to the root of certain issues or areas of your life, a retreat is the perfect choice. Days of movement combined with personal guidance is priceless.

Be part of an Online community of passionate meditators who care to make a difference

To keep going and to be the best you can be every day, support and inspiration is so important to stay on track. There are many ways to be part of our community where you can enjoy meaningful interactions of support and encouragement. ( coming soon!)

Get to know us!
Receive 3 guided meditations as an introduction gift

Our approach

Some people use meditation to relax, to calm their minds or to escape this world. These wonderful benefits can be found through meditation, and...  there is so much more to be found through the practice of meditation.

At School for Meditation we specialize in the practice of meditation to transform yourself, to guide and empower you. Meditation to let go of the things that are not serving you any longer, so you can open yourself up and heal. In this way you let go of self-serving ego ways so that your True Self can manifest. This opens doors to a life with purpose and in service to the greater good, which in turn will give you a sense of joy and happiness that is not dependent on anything outside of yourself.

Our approach is universal and simple;

"It does not matter how you do it, just as long as you do it!"

The way we approach how to learn the practice is open and multifaceted. Rather than teaching you one technique from a particular belief or teaching, we focus on

  • teaching the mechanics and science of going within
  • exploring the abilities and skills you need in order to succeed
  • extensive personalized help on how to deal with the challenges that block you
  • and for those who want, to deepen their personal connection with The Source / God

You see in one sense it really does not matter how you do it. As long as you do it!

The thing about meditation is,

you become more and more you!

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Is there a best meditation technique?

Over the past 27 years many people have asked me, "What is the best meditation technique?" This question has kept me busy for years on end. When I respond to questions my intention is to bring more light to an area, i.e free us, not bind us more. After years of practicing myself, exploring the many ways of going within, teaching different practices and teaching instructors I have come to realize something important:

"Techniques and exercises can be very helpful in learning how to meditate...

and at the same time they can hinder us from going deeper within"

When we are going within we want to be open and receptive to how we are being guided. There are so many ways and techniques as there are people. If we are not receptive to what to use when, we might end up with a technique, stuck in a 'rut', missing out on the so much more that is available when we go within.

I recommend taking on a practice that supports us being open minded and allows for the different ways of opening up to occur, so we will be able to continuously go deeper and gain spiritual ground. At the same time there is so much to learn from the many meditation techniques and practices offered all around the world.

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Somehow haven't started yet?

Meditation has entered the mainstream of our Modern Western Culture over the last 50 years. It has become widely accepted and prescribed in the medical world, and practiced in the business world. We all know by now that to go within is something good and the benefits can be very great. Still, misconceptions prevent many people from succeeding or even trying.

If you have the desire to practice but for some reason you have not started yet, or you have started and you are challenged with keeping up your practice, most likely it is a misconception or a false belief that is in the way. The many misconceptions can prevent us from practicing or even starting. It is important to familiarize ourselves with the different misconceptions and myths that are out there and see which ones might be influencing us. I want to give you an example:

"Meditation is NOT a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there — buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day."

Awareness about this misconception can save us much suffering when we take up a practice. To read more about the misconceptions: 10 Myths About Meditation

Have you tried but could not sustain your practice?

The reason(s) to why we are not able to create a sustainable practice as part of our life are personal and often hidden from ourselves. But it is well worth it to discover what they are. Here is an important clue for us:

"What blocks us or holds us back in our material lives is the same thing, stemming from the same root that is, that blocks us from going deeper within and succeeding with our practice"

An important question we can ask ourselves; what is blocking me from having the fullest life possible? How could this relate to my practice and having it be part of my lifestyle?

What has helped me the most in getting to the heart of the matter of the things that are in my way to grow and transform and specifically to go deeper is to attend a retreat. At a meditation retreat we have multiple days to practice and can gain a momentum that takes us to the depth needed where we can truly experience the benefits of our endeavors to going within. Then it is so much easier to get to this depth when we are by ourselves and we feel inspired to meditate regularly.

So what is meditation?

What is the truth about it? Does it really work? Can I benefit from it?

Meditation can be whatever we want it to be, but when it becomes part of our life style, a way of being, it can be the ultimate tool for self empowerment, God conscious living and ultimate freedom. There are as many approaches to the ancient practice as there are people on earth. So what is the right thing to believe about a practice? One of the teachers that influenced me most said it beautifully:

"It's better not to think from the perspective of, what is the right thing to believe about meditation, God or the Universe... but rather, what is it that I can understand about the simple practice of going within?"

One thing is certain; the practice of going within is more than any one person’s concept of what it is, or should be. The more skills we have that help us to go within, the more we are likely to benefit from any practice, and the less likely we will be blocked by a rigid idea of what our practice should be limited to.

The coaches at the school embrace this open minded and all inclusive approach.

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